I was never any good at planning.

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When I woke up this morning I had every intention of taking it easy. Last night I’d had a busy few hours with my weight loss business. Even after the clients go, I always seem to have about an hour of paperwork and behind the scenes to do. This morning, I decided I could use a slow start to the day. Maybe put my feet up, read a book, catch up on some TV. Nooooo. Instead, I decided to look into my web hosting package and see about creating a website. Another website. I am not as technical as I once was. Even when I worked in IT, I considered myself as constantly winging it. Today, even I have managed to cobble together a thingamy on the internet and post drivel.

I’ve even found a picture. See that? I am in desperate need of about thirty of those. I’ll take mine with more water, skimmed milk and some sweeteners, if you’re buying. Cheers.

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